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Welcome to RnP+ARTS ... the presenting division of Coda Consulting.
We created RnP+ARTS to provide us with an outlet to present workshops, exhibits, live performance, classes, and special events, featuring artists that we find intriguing. They may be widely known, or virtually unknown, but we are passionate about sharing them with our local audience.



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The French Sessions®

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We are happy to present the work of Paris based photographer Estelle Chauvey

Estelle has traveled the globe capturing moments of stunning beauty through her eye’s witness to life’s treasures. Passionate pictures forever, She loves photographing stories, destinies, becomings. She defends the color and graphics in photography and always seeks to capture the essential details, special moments or portraits that invite one to travel. Estelle began exhibiting her photos in Paris in 2014. She has been with France Télécom-Orange since 1996 and is currently their Director of Audio-Visual Production & Multimedia Innovation.

If you're interested in exhibiting Estelle's work, please contact us via the inquiry form below.

To see more of Estelle's compelling imagery, please visit her on Instagram | @estellechauvey